Analyzing Performance for Educational Improvement

Performance Analysis Software for Education and Research: Studiocode

Making Information Powerful
Information is only truly powerful when it can be collected, managed, manipulated and shared.

Well-Rounded Sophistication
The sophistication of Studiocode belies its simplicity of use and functionality. Studiocode is extremely practical, enabling organizations to capture, store, categorize, monitor, manage, recall and distribute video, audio and other rich media content very easily. Studiocode is a total solution product that allows you to categorize data either as it is being captured from the camera or from existing footage.

Digital asset management has defined purposes in specialist training, continued education and education research where quality evaluation is paramount.

Studiocode Simplicity
Easily turn video and audio into valuable digital data which accelerates learning in technical and non-technical skills.

Capture / Categorize / Organize / Distribute
You can capture and categorize your video before you analyze and distribute that footage — all in a workflow that compliments your existing practices.

Search / Compile / Publish
Easily search using your own assessment criteria, compile the footage with your notes and publish your work. With Studiocode itís that simple to focus on your required performance outcomes.

Compare / Analyze
With Studiocode you are able to compare video records rapidly and easily. Itís about improving performance by sharing information and improving skills. You determine your analysis parameters.

Make valuable video assets available across the campus, community or even across the globe. To round it all off, seamlessly create stunning video presentations that not only deliver exactly what is required but look like a million dollars!

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