Medical Simulation Training Performance Analysis Software

Medical Simulation Training Performance Analysis Software: Studiocode

Today's healthcare systems are information rich. Information is power, however it is only powerful if it can be easily accessed, viewed, analyzed and shared.

Hospitals, medical teaching facilities and universities are bombarded with information daily — the trouble is, most of this information is trapped, disconnected.

Improving Tutored Outcomes
Studiocode provides a new way for healthcare providers, researchers, medical educators, and technicians to readily access video data that has the potential to improve the quality, safety and efficacy of health care.

In order to maximize the value of a healthcare (education) facilities' video information it must be easily categorized, stored, searched for and shared.

Studiocode is a complete video analysis and digital media management tool. This unique teaching tool enables you to assign workflows and tags to any video content. Once categorized this data becomes a powerful resource as it can be searched, viewed, analyzed, distributed and published.

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