Video Analysis Software for Sports, Healthcare Medical Simulation, Education, Corporate Training

Gamebreaker Sports Video Analysis Software

Gamebreaker gives coaches the freedom to breakdown video in an easily customized, user-friendly way for viewing and exporting clips in any number of various formats. It is the ideal solution for coaches and athletes who want to take their video analysis and team performance to the next level.

Provide immediate visual feedback for self analysis, easily create scout video for key players, quickly compare game performance over multiple games, and share custom clips with anyone. SportCode Gamebreaker uses powerful software and digital video technology to gather valuable information on individuals and teams — including the competition.

Digital video analysis has become the coaching tool of choice for sports individuals and organizations everywhere. Using this technology, record it, play it, analyze it, edit and share it, then use it to achieve that winning edge with SportsCode Gamebreaker.

DTS Video Inc. is Your Source for Sportscode Gamebreaker

DTS Video is your authorized distributor for Gamebreaker, SportsCode, and all other Sportstec products. Learn more » »

Healthcare Simulation Training

Studiocode is a clinical training tool that enables Medical Simulation professionals to capture, tag, analyze, review, publish and share video content quickly and securely. Studiocode provides a new way for healthcare providers, researchers, medical educators, and technicians to readily access video data that has the potential to improve the quality, safety and efficacy of health care. Learn more »»

Political Campaign Candidate Media Management

Manage campaign media and political candidate messaging with Studiocode. Capture video from multiple sources to code, analyze and distribute so you can debrief your candidate, scout your opponent, improve debate performance, enhance your rapid response protocol and stay ahead of the social media. Learn more »»

Education and Research Analysis

Increase the quality and reach of educational, training and research offerings and the objectivity of educational assessment. Studiocode easily bridges the gap between summative and formative assessment and improves the evaluation of curriculum delivery. Deliver video content for students or research colleagues to access. Learn more »»
Gamebreaker sports video analysis software distributed in the United States by DTS Video
Studiocode video analysis software distributed in the United States by DigitalTec Solutions